My brother and I outfitted a 2011 Toyota Tundra for overland trips and production work. We added storage, camping equipment, and external branding. This rig, minus some of the accessories, is currently my daily driver.

The slippery slope

My brother, Jeff, had been planning a cross-country vacation with his wife for some time. While driving back from a shoot in Chicago we started dreaming about how we could integrate their trip with an experimental adventure brand. In those six hours we came up with a basic brand identity and a plan of attack for the next two weeks. The next day he started calling potential sponsors and we got to work on a visual identity. After hundreds of calls/emails, some quick negotiating, and several late nights in Jeff's garage the rig was ready for its first voyage.

Photo by Nikki Gora

Developing a narrative

A maar is a volcanic crater that is formed when magma encounters ground water, causing a steam explosion. This volatile process is a perfect representation of how Maar produces great content by observing collisions between various disciplines. Maar is a rugged, explosive entity that embodies new discovery and reshapes content landscapes.

The first step toward having a strong visual identity for Maar was developing a clean, multi-purpose icon. Several concepts were considered, but it didn't take long to hone in on the simple combination of an organic water droplet and a minimal peak.

Once the icon was shored up, each letter in the text mark was adapted to match the angles found in the icon. Both a's in the word became perfect duplicates of the water droplet.

Once we had a logo nailed down, we vinyl wrapped the truck with various brand elements. The only call-to-action included in the wrap is our Instagram handle. We couldn't developed this identity without the help of Kurtis McCune and Zach Jenkins.

The build out

We added several accessories for the initial trip. Jeff took the rig to Arches, and other popular parks out west. Now that it's my daily, we've removed and sold the tent, drawer system, and fridge/freezer. The rack-mounted storage is convenient for weekend trips when the cab is full of people, and the 46 gallon fuel tank we installed means infrequent stops at the gas station. We made a year-in-review video about the DECKED storage system before removing it.