I worked as a production designer on a commercial shoot for GE Aviation, directed by Gary Miller at Eye Level Films. We were able to design and fabricate several installations that helped artistically represent the incredible technology that goes into GE's aircrafts and systems.

Things we built

Although my degree is in Media Arts, I spent as much time as I could in college studying hybrid fabrication. Along with my brother and some friends, I got to help design and build several props for a series of videos advertising GE's engines and logistics software. We were given CAD files of the popular 9x engine and tasked with turning these into objects and renders that could serve as interactive elements.

First, we sliced the CAD model into 2D files that could be etched as a multi-layer acrylic sculpture. Depending on what angle the sculpture was viewed from, it would either look like a series of 2D shapes or blend into a 3D image of the engine. It took ~10 hours of laser etching to finish all the panels.

We also built a holographic display out of angled acrylic to display floating point clouds and shaded renders of the engine. The hope was that actors could move around this display, viewing holograms of engine components. This rig involved large acrylic pieces, joined by 3D printed brackets, and a 4K television.

Other props included a diorama of spinning airplane models, lit internally with nano LEDs and a laser projector that combined with my 3D renders of the engine to create atmospheric visuals.