I wrote a mini-book to help individuals and business owners avoid being taken advantage of online. It's an easy-to-read, practical guide that mixes personal anecdotes with quick tips.

Why I wrote it

There are a lot of very easy things people can do to be safer online. I learned some of these the hard way while operating my businesses, and picked up others from researching the topic in my spare time. Digital security fascinates me and I wanted to share what I've learned with others who don't have time to dig through a mountain of information on the Web. This eBook was a way to distill lots of information into one, concise source. I've also always wanted to write a book, and writing on this topic seemed like a great way to practice.

It will happen to you. From Craigslist scams to corporate espionage, everyone is vulnerable to digital crime. But not everyone is an I.T. professional who knows how to stay safe on the Web. The good news is that with a few simple changes, you can implement a set of best practices that will make it much more difficult for hackers to harm you.